Why WTB? Our charity tournament will be so unique, so outrageous and so much fun,
“We guarantee each invited guest will say “what the &#@!”
at least once during the round.”

About Us

WTB Golf Charity is dedicated to opening doors of opportunity to young people by providing educational scholarships. In our inaugural effort, our goal is to raise $30,000.

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WTB 101

WTB 101
What the &#%/< is happening next?


We are raising money to provide educational scholarships and in turn, life changing opportunities for young people who would not otherwise be able to afford it.  But this isn’t your usual fund raising event.  Imagine we just made a hole-in-one.  OK, imagine Cheryl just made a hole-in-one.  More believable, right?  Tradition states that the drinks are on us.  Well, we want to take it up a notch or two. We are not only buying the drinks, but also the golf, food, entertainment and full participation in all the contests for a boat load of prizes.  All we ask you to do is to show up, participate, get pampered, have a ton of fun and if you can afford to share some of your good fortune, donate to a great cause!  By not charging a green fee, your donation is 100% tax deductible.  (Please check with your accountant, though!)  

By now, we hope you’ve starting thinking to yourself “What the &@*/<?”  That’s the name of this charity golf tournament.  As much as we’d like to tell you what you will be facing, we can’t give away all our secrets.  We want to keep you entertained and guessing.  After the golf, stay for a great dinner and please bring your non-golfing family or friends.  While enjoying the food, the camaraderie and the memory of some great shots, we will be acknowledging our sponsors, giving out lots of contest prizes and awards, have more games, and give away some great raffle prizes.  At the end, there is no used car salesman pitch or hard sell.  We believe that by providing you a great time, it will make the reach for your check book a little easier.  Don’t get us wrong, we DO want your donations!  Helping young people with educational scholarships is truly a worthy cause.  Every dollar you give will be turned into scholarship money.  But, we also want to know that you, our friends, had a great time, made more friends, and that you will come back next year to help out even more worthy students!  

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Volunteers are so vital to a fund raising event, yet often remain anonymous and under appreciated.  We can’t put on a successful event without you!  We know we can never thank you enough but are determined to make sure that you feel truly valued for your gift of time and participation.  By your selfless act of kindness, you will be helping young people improve their lives through education they would otherwise be unable to afford.  We need people to help with on course contests, vendor set up, food and beverage management, and other activities.  We will be holding an orientation and information luncheon on Sunday, September 30, 2012, the day before the tournament.  In addition to Volunteer shirts, we will be having a putting contest just for you as well as thank you gifts.  Lunch, refreshments and beverages on tournament day are open to you and we hope you stay for dinner.  Most of all, we hope you enjoy your time, know that you’re supporting a great cause, and that you put next year’s event on your calendar!

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